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"The Demon of Russet Street," a murder mystery in the strange city of Acheron, is available in issue #27 of Three-Lobed Burning Eye.  " incredibly rich that I'm experiencing world-building envy." -- Amy Sisson's Eclectic Reviews

  Paula Guran's Warrior Women anthology, with a reprint of a hard-to-find story of mine, "Boy Twelve" is now available.

"The Cicadas," cowritten with the late and much missed Steven Utley, is out in Postscripts 34/35, Breakout, edited by NickGevers.


The Z Radiant, originally published by Five Star Speculative Fiction, is now available from Biblio Publishing as an ebook in all formats through Biblio, or at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You can read the first chapter here.

  "This is thinking readers' sci-fi."

Being swept along by The Z Radiant is like being swept along by a river with deep currents; sometimes you float along the warm surface amid the shimmer of light glancing from the shallows, and other times you feel the cold gripping your legs, leaving you gasping for breath.”

-- The Greenman Review

Upcoming Publications

Flash piece "Your Feathers are Paintings, Your Eyes are Light" will appear in Paroxysm Press anthology 100 Lightnings.

  Department of Immediate Gratification - Online Stories

                                                  "The Demon of Russet Street,"  Three-Lobed Burning Eye

"FlowertongueFarrago's Wainscot

"Boneshadow"Toasted Cake

read to you by the Fabulous Alex C. Renwick

"Incantation"Toasted Cake

read to you by the divine Tina Connolly

"A Feather's Weight"   Three-Lobed Burning Eye

"An Irdish Tale"   RevolutionSF

"Our Lady of the Mantilla"   Crossed Genres

"Brilliance"   RevolutionSF

An adventure story set in the same sf universe as my novel, The Z Radiant, with an illustration by Cindy Barry