Coming November 2019 from Fairwood Press, The Arcana of Maps & Other Stories, my first-ever story collection!

Some older published stories of mine that are out of print or hard to find are available for perusal at Curious Fictions. I will be slowly adding to the library there; currently available:

  • Two Hearts In Zamora - two teenage girls in 1975 Florida are transported to the world of the comics they read
  • Brilliance - on the planet Athkiyar, Jet & the crew of the Bosch find intrigue, danger, and a tangle of questions about life, death, and what they owe each other
  • When the Ice Goes Out - after Isobel's sister Rosetta drowned, she woke hungry
  • Raney's Hounds - Calvert's been living the hobo life a long time, riding freight trains, taking what comes, but he's never seen anything like these hounds, or the man who appears with them, Kade.

  • Flowertongue - Rappaccini's Daughter meets orchid hunting meets weird adventure tales, with an epistolary flourish.

  • Our Lady of the Mantilla - When the things haunting the books in the archive get loose, this team is on the case.

2019 Appearances

  • August 2-4 - ArmadilloCon 41
  • October 26-27 - Texas Book Festival
  • November 1-3 - World Fantasy Convention




If you're curious, I occassionally blog at storyrainthejournal.




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