Substrate Phantoms

SUBSTRATE PHANTOMS takes place in a world both haunted and haunting, a high-tech ghost-in-the-machine story with plenty of sharp edges. Jessica Reisman's luminous prose and intricate characterization will mesmerize, entertain and surprise you... right to the last page.

                                           A.M. Dellamonica, award-winning author of THE NATURE OF A PIRATE  


Jessica Reisman’s Substrate Phantoms strikes me as a parsec-pioneering SF novel of the highest pedigree. It exists in a matrix of lucid far-future prose, to wit, fresh English with long-tomorrow noir twists. Every page discloses evolved or augmented human beings against the backdrop of a hermetically radical space station, Termagenti, or the dirt-rich gravity well of a partially terraformed planet called Ash.


Substrate Phantoms presents immemorial human acts in variations as strange as any 21st-century reader could imagine, but always in contexts emotionally resonant. I think it an out-and-out breakthrough, with mystical and sociological roots trailing back to Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End and Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness. Indeed, true aficionados of humane hard SF will applaud Ms. Reisman for bequeathing them this beautiful tale of a heretofore uncreated tomorrow.         

                                            —Michael Bishop, author of A FUNERAL FOR THE EYES OF FIRE


A brainy beautiful space adventure that conjures wonder from the quotidian detail of everyday life, real longing for authentic community, and language as freshly vivid as the beautiful planets you once imagined—a book that lets you see nets of coruscating light in the darkness.

                                            Christopher Brown, World Fantasy Award-nominated author of TROPIC OF KANSAS



Substrate Phantoms is beautifully written and richly imagined, with themes and imagery that remind me of Samuel R. Delany’s Babel-17. It’s a lovely book; I hope we’ll see more of this universe and these characters.

                                            Judith Tarr, award winning author of FORGOTTEN SUNS 


In Substrate Phantoms, Jessica Reisman brings us a tale that ensues after an alien derelict is towed to space station Termagenti and the Tiyo corporation takes possession of it. As Tiyo strips the derelict of a valuable new material, its alien intelligence seeks recognition through Jhinsei, a fragile ops worker suspected of sabotage by station police and dismissed as a "headcase" by coworkers. Substrate Phantoms evokes the stories and characters of CJ Cherryh and the social complexity of Maureen F. McHugh, ringing insightful twenty-first-century changes on classic sf tropes and questions. It's a sharp, fun read. 

                                            L. Timmel Duchamp, award-winning author and editor


Out May 16, 2017. Available for preorder at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indigo.

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